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Welcome to Lynn Audiology and Hearing Aid Services, PC

For over 25 years, Dr. Deborah Lynn has been providing comprehensive audiologic care for children and adults in Orange County and the surrounding areas.

Dr. Lynn places the client's welfare above all else. Our practice has built a reputation upon being attentive to the client's needs and thorough with the services we provide. We believe that our services should result in a positive, beneficial outcome that improves communication and the lives of those we serve as well as their families.

Here are a few things that make Lynn Audiology unique:

  • Our practice utilizes the most advanced technology for audiological diagnosis of all ages, including newborns. Extensive testing can be done using advanced impedance measures, otoacoustic emissions measures, auditory evoked response, auditory steady state response, VNG, ultra high frequency testing, tinnitus evaluation, and auditory processing evaluations.
  • Hearing aid selection, fitting and follow-up is done over a two-three month period with active participation of client and family. Digital hearing aids, assistive listening devices and rehabilitation are all integral components of the process. Additionally, objective tests such as sound field evaluation and speech mapping are important to verify hearing aid benefit.
  • Dr. Lynn and her doctoral staff have extensive experience at NYC hospitals, research facilities, university settings and private practice. Dr. Lynn has taught at a university and has been on the staff of large medical centers in NYC, NJ and Orange County.
  • Lynn Audiology and Hearing Aid Services, PC was rated as one of the top audiology practices in the Hudson Valley by clients, families and the medical community.

Discover a "better life through better hearing" from doctors and a staff who genuinely care about their clients! Contact Lynn Audiology (formerly Arden Hill Speech and Hearing) at (845) 294-8544 and schedule your complimentary hearing screening and consultation. We look forward to meeting you!